Queen of the Air lands in Cricklewood

21 December 2018 in Cricklewood
Cricklewood Town Team in Partnership with Govia Thameslink Railways are proud that Cricklewood Station platform is hosting a legacy typographic mural by artist Lakwena in a tribute to pilot Amy Johnson, the first woman to fly solo from England to Australia in 1930. She set a string of records inspired by the biplanes she saw using Stag Lane aerodrome in North London.
Lakwena takes the pilot’s ‘Queen of the Air’ nickname, given to Amy Johnson by the British press, recreating it in bright colours. The piece hopes to capture the mythical nature of the aviator’s life and entice Londoners to explore Amy’s story further. She was not a wealthy woman working as a typist before gaining her license. Her blue plaque, awarded by English Heritage in 1987, can be seen at Vernon Court, Hendon Way where she lived for 14 years, prior to living in Roe Green, Kingsbury.
The GLA are creating 20 murals across London, curated by Tate Collective, to celebrate 100 years from the time some women were able to vote; they are creating a trail that celebrates women who have achieved great things across London.
With thanks to Govia Thameslink Railway for the site on Platform 1 at the station.  Go and have a look.