20 December 2021 in Cricklewood

Cricklewood Town Team kicks off the festive season on the Oaklands Road pedestrianised area with a bespoke art installation, Light Play mounted on the wall of Pedro’s Cafe, which synchronises light with vibrant music tracks. These lights follow the pattern of the painted mural on the wall accompanied by an upbeat mix of lively sound. 

The artwork will bring Oaklands Road to life over the winter season from now until the end of January 2022. Light Play was commissioned by Cricklewood Town Team and was created by Laura Kriefman, Zach Walker and Lee J Malcolm for Hellion Trace Ltd (helliontrace.com).

Danny Maher, Chair of CTT admired this latest installation, “which is testament to the energy and ambition of CTT Members, all of whom are Cricklewood residents and share a vision of our local community being a great place to live, work and play.” CTT is pleased that lights and music enliven this newly created area of public space for the festive season – further funding obtained will bring permanent lighting to the area.  


Cricklewood Town Team obtained funding from Brent NCIL to develop the Oaklands Road Playable Street project, which was devised to address long-standing problems associated with the congested environment, air pollution and lack of public space in the Cricklewood town centre. 


This public space at the top of Oaklands Road was supported local residents and achieved by closing off vehicular access from the Broadway to Oaklands Mews, removing high levels of illegal parking, idling. Completed in 2021, 

Airlabs provided the study to understand the local airflow dynamics of the site to determine the best means of intervention and is continuing to monitor pollution using real time air pollution sensors installed on the site and Cricklewood Broadway for any improvement in localised air quality as a result of pedestrianisation of the end of Oaklands Road in Brent, London, where it meets Cricklewood Broadway. Click on the link to see the results 

A living wall was installed outside the new residential development on the street as part of the project, and was funded by Rainbow Properties, the developer of the block of flats.

Udenson Caldbeck Associates (UCA) developed the Oaklands Road Playable Street Project on behalf of Cricklewood Town Team.  This was funded from the London Borough of Brent’s Neighbourhood Community Infrastructure Levy Fund in 2019. The Town Team is still working with others to replace the dangerous pedestrian crossing at the junction with Chichele Road.

For further information – Click here – links to Udenson website