Kingsbury High Creative Writers Flying High

30 September 2023 in Brent Women of Renown Project, Cricklewood

The Brent Women of Renown Project are in partnership with Kingsbury High School and the team were out during summer term 2023 delivering school assemblies and workshops to lower school as well as creative writing and oral history to sixth form students. Dr Midge Gillies facilitated the oral history and creative writing workshop with the students at the RAF Museum, Hendon.

Here we have selected three students excerpts of their brilliant creative imagination of Amy Johnson’s flights.


Salwa Ali

Muttering profanities under her breath, Amy clutched the yoke of her biplane and charged it towards a billow of snowy white clouds.

Joice Nageswaran

I couldn't believe it, I was actually in control of the yoke, I was speechless, it was a dream come true. I've always wanted to fly a plane

Zohaib Nazir

Amy Johnson, the pioneering aviator, gripped the control stick as her beloved de Havilland Gipsy Moth fought against the relentless fury