Dame Stephanie gave a talk “My Family in Exile”

24 March 2023 in Cricklewood
Top left Amanda Beasley, Angela Payne, Dame Steve Shirley and Amanda Epe.
The Brent Women of Renown project is a heritage lottery funded project awarded to Cricklewood Town Team being delivered throughout 2023, sharing the achievements and struggles of three pioneering women through school workshops and adult engagement forums . Dame Stephanie Shirley, CH is one of the  three pioneer women recognised as a pioneer computer engineer and philanthropist.

Dame Stephanie  gave a talk “My Family in Exile” at The Weiner Holocaust’ Library on Tuesday 21st March, signing copies of her memoir “LET IT GO”, The Brent Women of Renown project team directed by Angela Payne got to chat with her afterwards sharing details of the school workshops and pleasantries. 

For more information on the three pioneer women see the Press Release for Cricklewood Town Team website.