7 April 2020 in Cricklewood

The main signpost – a Monolith –  is on Cricklewood Lane beside the Green – our Asset of Community Value. 

It was back in February 2016 that the Town Team made the formal application to TfL and in the August Barnet Council agreed to take the lead – it’s a requirement for these projects to have the Council as the lead.  When the Town Team was initially organising the Garden at the entrance to the Station, members were continually asked for directions to the Broadway or other landmarks.  We used the Partnership we had developed with Govia trains as a means of convincing TfL of the need to link the station to the town of Cricklewood.  The footfall in 2015 was almost 1.5 million through the station.


It has been a long process, but Cricklewood is at last on the London map.  Our thanks to Barnet Council for ensuring that these signposts are now in place.



This is the Fingerpost on Cricklewood Broadway near the Crown and a Midlith will be positioned outside of
Cricklewood Station when the roadworks are complete.