Community Safety

28 July 2022 in Projects & Group

Community Safety

Businesses, residents, Safer Neigbhourhood Teams from Child’s Hill, Mapesbury and Fortune Green wards as well as councillors agreed a Community Safety Strategy for Cricklewood Broadway and meet quarterly as Cricklewood Joint Action Group with meetings hosted

A dedicated Joint Action Group to resolve key concerns in the Broadway. The Group will be made up of police, Ashford Place specialist staff, council community safety personnel and other specialist advisors when required. The meeting also agreed to create a coherent message about what is and what is not acceptable in terms of drinking on the streets.

Successes to date include a voluntary agreement by off-licenses to stop selling super strength alcohol to street drinkers. This has reduced the street drinking problem. Given the reduction in resources amongst many statutory agencies such as local councils and police, Cricklewood Town Team (ex CIP) feels that it is imperative that all groups, work together to ensure a safer neighbourhood. At the moment residents and businesses report confusion regarding the legal position in relation to street drinking.

It is good to see the enthusiasm shown by people and agencies to work together to ensure safer streets. We can no longer just expect one group to achieve this on its own. Anti social behaviour will be resolved through a coherent and integrated approach and the agreement reached between the different groups will be the starting point for that. ’Inspector Adrian Needley, Safer Neighbourhood West Sector, Barnet Borough said, ‘This shows the excellent progress that the police, the council, local businesses and residents have made in working together, sharing responsibilities to create a safer and better standard of life in the local area. This joint action group will be able to share information and act together to reduce Antisocial Behaviour in the location.’

Beacon Bingo management said ‘Beacon has been at the very heart of the local community for over 16 years, we continuously support and work closely with a number of local residents groups to make as many positive improvements as we can to the local area. With the CIP group comes a fantastic opportunity for everyone to work together across Borough’s, Police forces, residents groups and businesses to tackle current and future issues with consistency and continuity in Cricklewood and surrounding areas”.

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