Cleaner, Greener Cricklewood

28 July 2022 in Projects & Group

Cleaner, Greener Cricklewood

Businesses, residents, Safer Neigbhourhood Teams from Child’s Hill, Mapesbury and Fortune Green wards as well as councillors agreed a Community Safety Strategy for Cricklewood Broadway and meet quarterly as Cricklewood Joint Action Group with meetings hosted by Cricklewood Town Team (previously CIP).

In response to the feedback from traders and residents of the Broadway, the Cricklewood Town Team is targeting the whole issue of rubbish and plan to encourage the community of Cricklewood to take pride in their community  and to clean up the area. We are currently working with the three boroughs to clarify the cleaning provisions for the Broadway and it’s environs. We will continie to work with the boroughs and their contractor, Veolia to achieve a cleaner environment.

We will continue to work on  developing a Community Engagement plan to increase participation in the clean-up of the Broadway.

The plan includes engagement of local schools, businesses, traders and resident volunteers of all ages in our community.  The key driver of the campaign is to establish a foundation for us all to make a difference as part of our role as citizens of this community.

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