Red Box at the Silk Road Festival

Posted on 5 September 2013

Eclectic and tribal, it provided the band with two big worldwide hits in ‘Lean On Me (ahliayo)’ and ‘For America’. The record also contained ‘Chenko’, a chant that has become an institution in Eastern Europe, and these songs propelled Red Box around the world in their wake.

A little older, a little wiser…

In 2011, Red Box did a passable impersonation of Sleeping Beauty: awoken by the kiss of the songs they found they were writing, the band released ‘Plenty’, an album about family, love and friends – a world closer to home.

The singles ‘The Sign’ and ‘Hurricane’ provided them with two No.1s in Poland in 2011, a country in which they remain a serious cult.

The band played extensively in Europe in 2011-12 with live shows, radio concert broadcasts and unplugged sessions, including two critically acclaimed concerts at the ornate Bush Hall in London.

Red Box remain a band of close friends interested in new ideas, an extended creative circle who make music with warmth and a great deal of love.