CIP – Working together for each other

Posted on 22 March 2013

CIP members met with BT personnel in early 2011 to negotiate removal of some of the boxes. Today Keith of Ackerman’s Estate Agents can look out of his office window without all the negative and destructive activity related to the phone box which stood outside his premises; the director of the Cooperative Funeral Parlour (junction Anson Road and Broadway) can stop worrying about the unpleasantness, through improper usage, of the phone box beside her premises that upsets her clients.

Further up the Broadway there is now a space on the pavement outside Burger King and Argos – both managers keen to ensure that the space stays tidy and pleasant for shoppers. The final box to go in this phase is outside Matalan – watch out for that space. BT have clearly shown its interest in helping us to improve our community.

Now we have asked Robin Lee – who is leading on the public realm element of the Cricklewood Improvement programme -  to speak with BT about upgrading the remaining boxes to the modern pedestal, and to work with Aquiva the owners of the 6 black boxes and one red one on the Broadway.

Please let us have your views on